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52nd International Engineering Fair

MSV 2010 to be held concurrently with a group of technology trade fairs

The 52nd International Engineering Fair and 7th International Machine Tools Exhibition IMT are to be held concurrently with another three specialised technology trade fairs at Brno Exhibition Centre: The 13th International Foundry Fair FOND-EX, the 20th International Welding Engineering Fair WELDING, and the 3rd International Surface Technology Fair PROFINTECH. The 10th International Fair of Personal Protective Equipment and Health and Safety at Work INTERPROTEC is also being held on the same dates – 13–17 September 2010.

The events’ organisers are holding this group of technology trade fairs at the same time in an effort to accommodate the interests of its partner associations and exhibiting companies. “This step is a reaction to current developments in the branches in question and the needs of our exhibitors. Many of the companies that have taken part in both the International Engineering Fair and another of our specialised projects in the past, now want to exhibit just once a year in view of the current situation. And they give priority to MSV, where they can address a larger number of potential new customers,” explains Project Director Jiří Rousek.

This new move will increase the number of fields presented in a comprehensive manner and will provide new synergetic effects. All the trade fair events now to be held concurrently address a similar target group, though the extended range of products and services on display is to take in an even larger number of branches and potential clients. MSV is to become even more attractive to visitors, so we can expect an even larger attendance.

The FOND-EX, WELDING and PROFINTECH fairs were originally meant to be held in May, as they were in 2006 and 2008. The International Plastics, Rubber and Composites Fair PLASTEX has been held concurrently with these events in the past, though it is not to be held at all this year. The reason for this is the holding in October of the world’s largest plastics and rubber industry trade fair K Düsseldorf, which attracts all the key companies in the field. Exhibitors in this branch can mount presentations at Brno Exhibition Centre in the product group Plastics, the Rubber Industry and Chemistry at the MSV trade fair.

52nd International Engineering Fair (MSV)
Mining, metallurgical, ceramic and glass engineering
  • Machines and equipment for geological prospecting
  • Machines and equipment for open cast and underground mines
  • Machines for raw materials processing
  • Equipment for metallurgical plants, steel works, rolling mills and for manufacturing ferrous and nonferrous metals
  • Machines and equipment for the ceramic and glass industries
Materials and components for mechanical engineering
  • Metallurgical semi-products, forgings, pressings, workpieces
  • Connecting materials, fittings, wire products
  • Steel and tube structures
  • Apparatuses, vessels, tanks
  • Rubber products, plastic semi-products and products, composite materials
  • Glass and technical ceramic products, carbon components
  • Seals, bearings
  • Gears, clutches, brakes, lubrication technology
  • Rapid Prototyping
Drives, hydraulics and pneumatics, cooling technology and air-conditioning
  • Electric and mechanical drives, linear moving units
  • Compressors, vacuum pumps, pneumatic elements, air-conditioning equipment
  • Cooling and freezing equipment
  • Hydraulic elements and systems
  • Fittings, pipelines, pumps
Plastics, rubber technology and chemical industry
  • Machines and accessories for the chemical industry
  • Machines and equipment for plastics and rubber processing
  • Semi-products and products of inorganic and organic chemistry
  • Lubricants, oils, cements, adhesives, gases
  • Chemicals for industrial production
Traditional and nuclear power engineering, district heating plants, alternative power sources
  • Primary sources for power engineering
  • Industrial boilers and their accessories, heating equipment
  • Engines, cogeneration units
  • Turbines
  • Nuclear power engineering
  • Power plants
  • District heating plants
  • Alternative power sources
  • Manufacturers and distributors of eletric power, gas and heat
Heavy-current electrical engineering
  • Cables and conductors
  • Electrotechnical insulators and insulants
  • Power capacitors, accumulators
  • Electric light supplies
  • Transducers, rectifiers and other electrotechnical elements
  • Uninterruptible power supplies
  • Switchboards, transformers
  • Electric HV and VHV instruments
  • Electric motors, rotary power supplies
  • Electric industrial heating
  • Electric rotary drives
Electronics, automation and measuring technology
  • Electronic components, elements and nodes
  • Control, automation and regulation technology
  • Information technologies, system integration
  • Studio and broadcasting technology
  • Measuring and laboratory technology
  • Machines and equipment for the electrical engineering industry
Ecological technology
  • Air and flue gases cleaning equipment
  • Water treatment plants, pumping stations
  • Machine production wastewater treatment
  • Waste separation and handling equipment
  • Recovery of raw materials from waste, recycling
  • Removal of old ecological loads and consequences of ecological disasters
  • Machines for industrial cleaning and washing
Transportation, handling, industrial packing, warehousing and logistics
  • Ships, rail vehicles, airplanes
  • Cranes, lifting equipment, elevators
  • Transport trucks and equipment
  • Handling equipment, scaffolding
  • Packages; machinery for industrial packaging
  • Warehousing equipment
  • Telematics, communication, information and control systems for logistics
  • Assembly machinery and equipment
  • Services by carriers and forwarding agents
Research, services, institutions
  • Science and research
  • Financial services
  • Standards, certificates, tests, design
  • Marketing, advertising and promotional services
  • Literature, technical information
  • Organisations, institutions
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    Included specialised technology trade fairs

    7th International Machine Tools Exhibition
    • Machine-tools
    • Forming machines
    • Equipment and accessories for metal-working and forming machines
    • Flexible manufacturing systems (FMS)
    • Precision tools
    • Measuring and checking instruments for machining and forming
    • Service and repairs of machine-tools and forming machines, reworked machines
    • Offer of production capacities in the metal-working and forming sector
    • Hand-operated tools
    • Institutions, literaturature and services in metal-working and forming sector

    13th International Foundry Fair
    • Foundry equipment – design, construction, production and engineering
    • Melting plant equipment
    • Refractories
    • Metallic charge materials, chemical foundry products
    • Machines and equipment for the production of patterns
    • Patterns, core boxes, pernament moulds, moulds and accessories
    • Aids and auxiliary materials for moulding halls and core rooms
    • Casting machinery, equipment and accessories
    • Robots, manipulators and accessories for the foundry
    • Castings
    • Scrap and machines for scrap processing
    • Research , consulting, services, literature, education, institutions

    20th International Welding Engineering Fair
    • Flame welding, surfacing and oxygen cutting machinery and equipment
    • Arc- welding, surfacing and cutting machinery and equipment
    • Resistance welding machinery and equipment
    • Machinery and equipment for pressure welding
    • Machinery and equipment for other methods of welding, cutting and soldering
    • Welding glow machinery and equipment
    • Additional and auxiliary materials
    • Robots, manipulators and accessories for welding technologies
    • Welding components, machinery and equipment – other
    • Welded structures, subsupplies of welded parts
    • Research , consulting, services, literature, education, institutions

    3rd International Surface Technology Fair
    • Machinery and equipment for cleaning and treatment of surfaces
    • Electroplating equipment and accessories
    • Lacquering systems, enamelling systems, plastic coating systems
    • Coating materials, putties, thinners, solvents
    • Equipment for chemical and heat treatment of surfaces
    • Laser and plasma coating technologies
    • Special systems for surface treatment
    • Robots, manipulators and accessories for surface treatment
    • Offers of facilities for outsourcing in surface treatment sector
    • Metal semi-products and components dry industry
    • Research , consulting, services, literature, education, institutions